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  • All sites require a monthly hosting fee of $12 per month (or $100 Annually, if you're into saving money), which includes space rental for your site and we log on every month to make sure all links still work and things still look good. All sites include up to five photos and unlimited word or letter graphics. (including finished graphics supplied by client. Custom graphics will require an added cost to be quoted by our graphics arts team.) **
  • All sites, whether one page or many, require a one-time setup fee of $25.

  • One Page Brochure-type informational site


    Multiple pages linked together with navigation

    $50.00 per page

    Slide show up to 20 pictures (photos or graphics)


    Embedded Video

    starting at

    ** There is no monthly or annual fee if Steel City Webs builds your site, but it is hosted on a server other than Steel City Webs. Only the cost of building the site applies. **